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Safety and Nature Apps

download from your app store or from links below

Pulsepoint - maintained by a public non-profit, this app offers several features, but also shows every 911 dispatch.  I set to receive alerts for all fires in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties during fire season.   Link 

Watch Duty - maintained by fire reporters and volunteers, this app tracks all wildfires in CA and does offer push notifications.  Link

Smokepoint - view cameras that cover the area to look for fire smoke  Link

MyShake - Earthquake early warning and alerts  Link


Merlin - for bird lovers, identify birds from their calls, from The Cornell Lab  Link

iNaturalist - identify and share your pictures of flora and fauna, from CA Academy of Science  Link


Seek by iNaturalist - similar to iNaturalist, but data is not shared and this app is geared toward enabling kids to explore their natural environment  Link 

Safety and Nature Websites

Know your zone - Safety professionals may call for evacuations by ZONE.  It is important to know your zone which can be found here  Link

SMC Alert - This is the primary emergency notification system for San Mateo county.   Sign up here  Link

Portola Valley Emergency Radio  - AM 1680  for streaming use Link

CATopo -  IMO the best site for monitoring current, new and old wildfires.  Includes topographical information, prevailing winds, fire satellite data, overlays for previous fires, et. cet.


Fire Safe San Mateo County  - monthly educational meetings and a source for fire information  Link


Purple Air - air quality monitors Link

LightningMaps - actively monitors live/recent lightning strikes Link

Space Weather - for radio users and others to monitor geomagnetic storms  Link

El Nino/La Nina Forecast - from Columbia Climate School based on NOAA data  Link

The Lookout - fire behavior by Zeke Lunder   Link

Organizations pushing back against State Mandates

No endorsements, just a partial list of groups that are organizing  

CA Cities for Local Control   Link

Our Neighborhood Voices   Link

Livable California  Link

Catalysts for Local Control  Link

CA Alliance of Local Electeds  Link

Relevant Fire Safety Links

Moritz Presentation to WPC February 1, 2022- A discussion of fire maps and the difference between CalFire maps and the Moritz map   Link 

NIST WUI Fire Days -  Four days of presentations and data from the National Institute of Standard and Technology.  A lot of information; particularly on buidling separation  Link

Flamemapper - Woodside Fire Protection District has contracted with Flamemapper to deliver next generation Fire Maps that will include the impact of structures on the landscape.  The expectation is that the resulting Fire Map will have far more VHFDSZs than the Moritz Map.  Here is the company's website   Link

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