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I grew up in a small rural town of fewer than 1,000 residents in the northeast corner of Colorado that instilled a strong sense of perserverance, persistance, committment, and integrity.


My wife and I were drawn to Portola Valley 25 years ago by its natural beauty, open space and small town feel that was reminiscent of my home town.


We raised three children in Portola Valley; they attended Ormondale, Corte Madera, and the Priory.


Since moving to Portola Valley in 1997, I have dedicated a substantial amount of time to serving our community:

•   I am Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC), and have served on the Committee for over 8 years. 

•   I was Vice-Chair of the Wildfire Preparedness Committee from its founding until earlier this year. 

•   I was the Chair of the Wildfire Evacuation Subcommittee

•   I was on the Board of Trustees of the Priory for 8 years including two years as Board Chair

•   During the Global Financial Crisis, I served as Chair of the Priory Finance Committee

•   I was an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 64 here in Portola Valley

•   I am a trained WPV-CERT volunteer.


I’m proud of my contributions to improving the safety of Portola Valley residents:

•   I have been actively involved since the beginning with the experts preparing the Traffic Evacuation Capacity Study - one of the few that have been done on the West Coast - and help guide the process, define the scope of the analysis, interviewed and helped select the consultants, and collaborated with them in the development of the report. This experience highlights the important role residents can, and should, play in the work of the Town.

•   I am now collaborating with the County, WFPD, and others to develop an Evacuation Plan for Portola Valley.

•   As a member of The Emergency Preparedness Committee

  • We have installed and upgraded a Town AM radio, covered the Town and district with emergency VHF communications

  •  We have developed a strong relationship with Woodside Fire Protection District

  • We have integrated with WPV CERT

  • We are now working on neighborhood outreach and an evacuation plan. 

  • Under my leadership, EPC is fully staffed with 11 residents who actively volunteer their time to improve safety in Portola Valley. The heavy lifting of the Committee is done by its numerous subcommittees. This allows us to be highly productive while keeping our monthly meetings to an efficient one hour.  


My professional life has focused on science, technology, and finance:

•   Degrees in Physics from Stanford and Cornell.

•   Operating executive in the RF/Microwave industry

•   Research Analyst for multiple financial firms

•   Currently, I work as a consultant providing strategic advisory services to small technology companies


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