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 “Dale Pfau has been and continues to be an emergency preparedness and wildfire resiliency advocate for the Town residents of Portola Valley. Dale demonstrates unequivocable leadership strengths and his proactive approach and consistent follow through will help ensure the community is better prepared for potential small and large scale emergencies.”  Retired WFPD Fire Marshal Denise Enea

"I wholeheartedly support Dale Pfau for Portola Valley Town Council.   I have worked with or beside Dale for the last 20 years in organizations ranging from scouts to the Priory (finance and chair), from Emergency Preparedness Committee (chair and communications) to WPV-CERT (operator and support).  Dale is a seasoned leader, strategic thinker, commander of details, and tireless worker for the benefit of the organizations in which he chooses to engage.  His financial acuity, his understanding of risks and solutions, and his command of the details make him a go-to partner when problems arise.  He has made Portola Valley a better place, IMHO. "  Ray Rothrock, Emergency Preparedness Committee 

"I have worked closely with Dale Pfau on two committees to help our town evaluate and prepare for the increasing potential of a devastating wildfire. I appreciate Dale’s inspiring leadership and his efficient and focused organization in committees along with his ability to drive the solutions that Portola Valley needs. Dale loves and knows our town, he raised his family here, he has actively involved himself in schools and town activities, and now is committed to help our town deal with the challenges of the future.  Dale’s honest, organized, and inspiring leadership skills and his belief that resident participation is critical in the active running of our town, and his focus on safety first, makes him the candidate that we urgently need now in our Town Council.   Please join me in supporting Dale Pfau for Town Council."

Rob Younge, Emergency Preparedness Committee, Former Wildfire Preparedness Committee

Danna Breen

Former Wildfire Preparedness Committee

Former ASCC 

Mark Dahlen


Lynn Eisberg

Emergency Preparedness Committee

Gary Hanning

Chair, Trails and Paths Committee

Dave Howes

Emergency Preparedness Committee

Gary Nielsen

Open Space Committee

Former Member Town Council

Marianne Plunder

Emergency Preparedness Committee

Conservation Committee

Former Wildfire Preparedness Committee

Chris Raanes

Emergency Preparedness Committee

George Savage

Finance Committee

Victor Schachter

Emergency Preparedness Committee

Nan Shostak

Vice-Chair, Geologic Safety Committee

Emerson "Chip" Swan 

Chair, WPV-Ready

Bob Turcott

Ad Hoc Housing Element Committee

Dr. Stuart Young

Former Emergency Preparedness Committee

Susan Adams

Ulrich Aldag

Robert Allen

Angelo Aloisio

Liz Babb

Valerie Baldwin

Evan Braun

Kristin Brew

Helen Buckholtz

Thomas J. Buckholtz

Craig Buchsbaum

Gene Chaput

Chuck Corley

Kristi Corley

Dolores Dolan

Ann Marie Draeger

Peter Draeger

Ron Eastman

Craig Eckstein

Cathryn Gawne

Douglas Hall

Ginny Kavanaugh

Leslie Kraus

Terrance Mc Larnan

Teri McKelvy

Dorian McKelvy

Jo Ann Mitchell

Eileen Morganthaler

Gary Morganthaler

John Mumford

Brenda Munks

Greg Munks

David Murdock

Tom Raimies

Meredith Rothrock

Janet Smith

Stan Smith

Dwight Somersett

Kelly Starr

Cornelia Tilney

Karin Wick

Paul Wick

Mark Wieland

Suzanne Wieland

John Wookey

Valerie Wookey

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