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Dale Pfau for Town Council 2022

This election may be the most consequential in Portola Valley history.
It will decide the direction of our Town for decades.   

The first responsibility of local government is the Safety and Security of its residents.
My mottos are "Safety First" and "Government by residents, for residents"
I will push back against unsafe State Mandates

If you seek a change in direction, I would appreciate your support in the challenges ahead. 
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Dorothy Ford Park 

 We face an existential threat from wildfire and a town government that has been ceded to staff and consultants. 


 I believe we must face our challenges head-on. We must identify our very high fire hazard zones, integrate best practices for safety, aggressively mitigate risk, adopt appropriate land use recommendations, and most importantly, listen to and respond to resident comments and concerns.


 I believe in the committee system that has served Portola Valley so well for over 50 years. 


Recently, we have seen staff and consultants dominate such important issues as the Housing Element and the Safety Element.  The General Plan was originally written by the legendary George Mader and residents (George could almost be considered a resident as he lived in Ladera and loved Portola Valley); we need to regain that ethos and return power to the committees and the residents who serve on them.  Portola Valley is fortunate to have a talented and resourceful population and we can return to our town’s roots of bottom up, not top down governance.  

Images Courtesy of Dan Quinn

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